Friday, December 18, 2015

Paul Ryan’s Betrayal UPDATED

This may be short and somewhat stream of consciousness.  I lack the time and energy to get my arms completely around what a massive betrayal Speaker Paul Ryan’s Omnibus spending bill is, especially on immigration. But I have to say something at least. Didn’t Ryan promise not to cram his open borders views down our throat when he was elected Speaker?  Yet that is exactly what he is doing.

Yet with all the funds for a FOUR TIMES increase of foreign worker’s visas, for “refugees”, for “dreamers”, and for welcoming all manner of invaders right on in, Ryan could not be bothered to fund the border fence we were promised almost ten years ago.

This demonstrates why Trump is popular.  Twice, in 2010 and 2014, the American people elected Republicans to stop Obama, including on his immigration invasion.  Yet Republican leaders turn around and give Obama almost everything he wants.  Is it any wonder so many Republicans want to give the GOP Establishment the finger in the most obnoxious way possible?  Republican leaders screw the American people and then expect more support from them.  The Republican base is finally saying NO to that deal.  Heck, this deal practically helps elect Trump.

And don’t underestimate the anger over this Omnibus betrayal.  Yesterday I called my congressman’s office and gave the poor staffer an earful.  I don’t think he is so foolish as to vote for this, but if he is, I will be done with him and cut a check to his primary opponent.

And uglier things can happen when political leaders refuse to listen to the people.  Or, worse, pretend to listen to them to get elected then knife them in the back once in office.

God help us.

And this monstrosity just passed the House as I typed this.


Here is the full roll call.

I'm glad to see my congressman voted "No".  

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