Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bob Dole Demonstrates Why the GOP Establishment is Hated

But when I was a faithful and active Republican Precinct Chair for eight years, I oft heard local establishment party leaders lecture others involved in the party to “support the ticket” with implications of blackballing if they did not.  And I did, working hard, including for Bob Dole in 1996.

Fast forward to today.  The same Bob Dole is stabbing conservative Republicans in the back, saying if Ted Cruz is the eventual Republican nominee, he “might oversleep” on Election Day.

Really?  If the choice is between Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, Dole might not even bring himself to vote for Cruz?

So us Republican base peons must support the ticket.  But Bob Dole can shoot his mouth off and undermine and threaten to sit out candidates the conservative GOP base prefers to his fave, Jeb Bush (of course).

And he’s not alone.  RINO Colin Powell endorsed Obama . . . twice.  Princess Lisa Murkowski not only did not accept the verdict of Alaska Republican Primary voters when they defeated her; she not only did not support the ticket; she then ran to keep her Senate seat as a write-in.

And I could go on.  But after conservatives like me have been lectured by the GOP establishment time and again to support GOP nominees – no matter how RINO they may be – only to see the GOP establishment turn around and stab conservative GOP nominees in the back, is it any wonder that so many of us now hate those establishment RINOs?

If the GOP Establishment undermines the eventual Republican Nominee for President if he is a conservative, they will hardly have a party left to boss around.  The Republican base is that fed up.

And, yes, RINO treachery is a factor behind Trump’s strength.  Again, I do not support Trump.  I like Cruz now FWIW.  But it is hard to think of a more emphatic way to give the GOP Establishment the finger than to support Trump.

If GOP Establishment RINOs want to blame someone for Trump’s rise, they can look in the mirror.

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BillB said...


Establishment Republicans are like Vampires in many ways. If they look in a mirror they will only see what is behind them because they make no reflection.