Wednesday, December 30, 2015

InterVarsity Backs Black Lives Matter

During my Duke days I was a very active participant in InterVarsity, which chapter was then led by one Mark Dever.  And since then, although I knew InterVarsity was not quite as prone to devour heretics for breakfast as yours truly, I have long been well disposed towards them.

So imagine my shock when they turned their Urbana missions conference into a Black Lives Matter rally.  No, I am not exaggerating.

This is a total and complete lack of discernment and is sadly becoming typical of evangelicalism.  Evangelicals are oh so eager to be The Church of What’s Happening Now that they pay woefully inadequate heed to whether what’s happening now is right or not.

And racism, whether from Black Lives Matter or the KKK is never right.


Kristi Barclay said...

How do you view Black Lives Matter as racism? What definition of racism are you using?

Mark said...

Pitching a fit if someone says, "All lives matter" is pretty racist.

If the KKK blocked interstates while chanting "White Lives Matter", I would consider that pretty racist, too.

I tend not to have a double standard about such matters.


Michael Ford said...

More than racist, BLM Supporting burning down businesses, attacking people, and the killing of police officers sounds quite evil! See more at: