Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why Mass Muslim Immigration to the West Must Be Stopped, Illustrated

Those who advocate for cramming yet more Muslim immigrants and “refugees” down the throats of the U. S. and of European countries would have us think the overwhelming majority of immigrant Muslims are good people.

Oh really?  Such a sentiment, of course, begs the question of whether bringing in all those wonderful Muslims is worth letting in a few hundred more jihadis.  But I seriously doubt whether even a majority of Muslims invading immigrating to the West are decent people.  Yes, I said it.  The following video illustrates why I say it.

At a match in Turkey, there was a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris attacks.  That may be seen when the players and referees gather around the circle.

Or at least there was supposed to be a moment of silence.  Jeers and chants of “Allahu Akbar” rang through the stadium, and not just from a few yahoos.  Watch it for yourself.

Now this is in Turkey, one of those “moderate” Muslim countries.  Turkey even has a history of secularism, at least until recent years.  Some of the insane even want to bring Turkey into the EU.  Yet a large number of those who went to this soccer match are such cretins that they loudly jeer and even shout over a moment of silence of victims of Islamic terror.

Now most of those doing the shouting would not appear on a terror watch list.  If they tried to immigrate to the West there would be no indications they are sympathetic to Islamist terrorism.  Yet they clearly are.  At the very least, they do not share Western standards of decency.

It may be shocking, but it should not surprise.  Islam contains the seeds of these attitudes.  Islam from the very beginning is a religion which blesses killing and subjugating non-Muslims.  That is exactly how Islam spread in the first place.  Early Christianity spread in the face of being killed.  Early Islam spread by killing.  (Not so early Islam as well.)  This is not disputable.  Inconvenient as it may be, it is basic history.

Most American Muslims may have completely outgrown that history and those attitudes.  But non-Western Muslims?  Not so much.  Sure, some have.  Maybe, perhaps, barely (though I doubt it), most. 

But how the heck are we to keep out the bad Muslims while letting in tens of thousands of the more enlightened Muslims?  Do we have a brain scan which detects jihadi and anti-Western attitudes?  Again, most of those who jeered in that stadium would be welcome to travel or even immigrate to the West.

Obama, Hillary, yes, Jeb!, too, Merkel etc. are wrong, dead wrong, to inflict hoards of non-Western Muslim “refugees” on the West.  Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were wrong, dead wrong, to import Muslims to shore up the Labour Party.  And the victims of the Paris attacks are only part of the dead. 

We need to – we must – stop fooling ourselves.  Non-Western Muslims as a whole are not compatible with Western values and freedom.  The vile nature of Islam ensures that.  As a whole, they should be kept out.

But they won’t be kept out.  I intend to comment on some of the possible consequences before week’s end.

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BillB said...


Islam can only exist by killing. Islamic apostates are under a threat of murder for leaving the faith. Add to that, their belief that anyone who has Muslim ancestors is technically Muslim it gets bad. Take for instance the woman in the last year or so that was freed from jail in Sudan as an "apostate" because her father was Muslim (and I believe that the "marriage" was forced and not consensual). She was to be executed. That is how they keep their "faithful".

Another is that an imam from one of the most prominent schools of Islam stated that without the death threat for apostasy, the religion would have long ago faded away.

ISIS has taken the apostasy rule to mean those who are Muslim but do not share the theology of ISIS are apostate and under the rule of death.

Islam is anathema to Christian Civilization in particular and all non-Muslim civilization in general.