Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ten Years Ago. . .

Yesterday, it occurred to me that ten years ago, I was in England for the first time.  I was still at my first destination Cambridge, and still very much in awe of the Chapel of King’s College and of its choir.

I had recently become Anglican, and it was a pilgrimage to my new spiritual roots.  (I wish now I had the wisdom when young to appreciate the glories of Anglicanism and England.  But I couldn’t tell an Anglican from an angle.  And England interested me little.  Yes, I was a hapless fool and didn’t know it.)

In hindsight, I was understandably a bit naïve during my first visit.  And today, you would never see me order a HALF-pint with a meal.  I was only beginning to become aware of the glories of English ale.

England got ahold of me then and hasn’t let go.  Lately, I’ve been in one of those times when I yearn for England.  And in fact, I’ve been looking into the possibility of further studies there. (I studied at the Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Oxford in 2007 and did independent study in Oxford in 2011 as long time readers may recall.)  My chances do not look good, to be honest, at least not to study where I really want to.  But if you wish to pray for me, don’t let that stop you.

And if you wish to see my first visit to England through my eyes, my posts from that time are over in the archives to the right, late November and early December 2005.  I regret that readers’ comments have been lost due to a later technical issue.  I remember getting a lot of support from good readers.

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