Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pilot Point is on sale!

I know you all are already being bombarded with sales of various permutations, so I might as well join in!

I’m now having a Kindle Countdown Sale for my Texas Anglican novel Pilot Point.  Through Monday, you can get the Kindle version of my novel for only 99 cents, about two-thirds off the regular price of $2.99.

Try finding another good Texas Anglican novel at any price! ;)

I’m hoping this helps you good readers with your Christmas shopping.  I think when you begin reading the novel, relatives, friends, even enemies will come to mind who would like this as a gift.

But if you just want to buy it for yourself or as a “Thank you” for my dogged efforts on this blog, that would be perfectly fine as well.

Here are the most recent posts about Pilot Point, including some excerpts.  And here is the post announcing the publication of Pilot Point last year.

You may find the on-sale Kindle version of Pilot Point here.

Thanks.  And may my U. S. friends have a Happy Thanksgiving.  (If my U. K. friends wish not to celebrate us fleeing your shores, that is very understandable.)

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