Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Big Announcement: Pilot Point is Published! UPDATED

About two weeks ago, I gave you a shameless tease.  Now I am ready to make the big announcement.  My novel Pilot Point is published and available!

As you can tell from looking at some past posts, the road of writing and publishing Pilot Point has been a long and winding one indeed.  It began decades ago in the days before the internet and self-publishing was viable and before Anglicanism and the Book of Common Prayer got its hold on me.

That long road was providential as I greatly improved Pilot Point with a strong Anglican flavor, even weaving the Book of Common Prayer through it.  Also, the novel has become an interesting timepiece, still set in the late 20th Century along I-20 in West Texas and in North Denton County, Texas.  As in much of life, events did not transpire as I would have wished.  (I strove to get an earlier version of the novel published in the 90’s and had strong and reputable support in so doing.)  But when I look back, I can see the gentle, strong hand of God’s providence.  He has proved himself an excellent editor, if you will.

The novel itself somewhat defies description and genre.  I am not aware of anything out there quite like it, which is fine as I do not want to duplicate another’s work.  I venture that it is best described as a literary novel with both a strong Texas and Anglican flavor.  Yes, unusual.

The novel follows the orphan Clayton Hays and friends he gains as they struggle with loss and fear in the midst of a Texas drought.  It is a simple story, but one in which I think readers will find much depth.

But read it for yourself.  Pilot Point is available at Amazon at a nice discount.  Or you can buy it direct from the publisher (but no discount there).  I will announce when it is available in Kindle form.

Also, those into Facebook, please “like” the Facebook page for Pilot Point.

Thanks for your prayers and support, and feel free at ask questions in the comments.


UPDATED: My announcement is so big, Eric Holder is trying to upstage it.  The nerve!


James Manley said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it.

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Mark said...

Thanks! (And sorry I missed your previous attempt to comment.)