Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Seriously Nasty Party is Winning Hearts and Minds… or not.

I mentioned yesterday that the Scottish National Party has been a Seriously Nasty Party in the run up to today’s Scottish independence referendum.   Their lovely behavior continues.

Yes, not all SNP people are acting this way, obviously.  But many are.  And many feel their breath upon them.  A poll has found that 46% of Unionist “No” supporters have felt personally threatened by pro-independence “Yes” supporters.

The question is will their violence, vandalism, and threats succeed in scaring “No” voters away or instead turn people off to becoming an independent state with these thugs in charge.

I contend it will be the latter.  But we will find out tonight, won’t we.

1 comment: said...

I agree with your assessment. This thing will probably go down. Although if England had a vote, "No" wouldn't stand a chance since there are probably way more "Yes" voters south of the Tweed than north of it.