Monday, September 08, 2014

Whither Scotland?

For those who do not yet know – and most on the West side of the Pond do not – on September 18th Scotland via referendum will make the momentous decision whether or not to leave the United Kingdom and become independent.

For some months, it appeared Scots would vote “No” and stick with the UK.  But the pro-independence “Yes” vote has been gaining in the polls.  And now the latest YouGov poll even has “Yes” just ahead, 51% - 49%.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps London warning of diverse consequences of independence has rubbed cantankerous Scots the wrong way.  In any case, The Queen is among those greatly concerned.

I am hesitant to express my opinion on what would be the best outcome; for I have mixed feelings, and (as some of us on this side of the Pond say) I don’t have a dog in that fight.  It is not my business.

And it would be sad if the Union that came about by the luck of James being the rightful king of both England and Scotland some 400 years ago, ending centuries of hostility, would be thrown away by a foolish vote.

Yes, I do think Scotland would be foolish to run from England and then likely into the arms of the EU.  The UK led by England has its issues for sure.  But divorcing with the intent of wedding the EU Beast is madness.  Some “independence” that would be.

But, as will not surprise long-time readers, my heart is with England.  And I think Scotland voting “Yes” and leaving the UK would be good for England though the adjustments short term may be difficult.  Scotland sadly has become too much like California, inflicting Leftist politics on the rest of the Union and dragging it down to its level.  Scotland gave the UK Gordon Brown and long years of disastrous Labour government.  And Scotland is a big reason why Labour, even under Red Ed, nonetheless has a ghost of a chance to regain power.  (Of course, Cameron is a pretty big reason, too, but anyway…)

If California were to have a referendum to secede, I would be rooting, nay, praying for it to go.  If were English, although I surely would have more brotherly affection for Scotland than I do for Californicate, I would likely be hoping for it to leave as well – even if I would hardly rejoice if it does.

Lord have mercy on England and Scotland whatever the outcome.

An Aside: Even this sad affair has its comical aspects.  I am particularly amused that the effort to keep Scotland in the Union by offering greater political freedoms has been dubbed Devo Max.

Max Headroom singing Devo songs comes to this 80’s mind.

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