Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The JV President – Reminders Before Tonight’s Speech

An election is near; Democrats are on the ropes; Obama’s numbers are punk and perhaps sinking; bombing ISIS polls well; and did I mention an election is near?  It does not take a political scientist to predict what Obama will do in tonight’s speech.  He will beat the war drums against ISIS.  He knows ISIS is rightly hated, and that Americans tend to rally around their president against a hated enemy.  And Obama and Democrats need all the political help they can get right about now.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think we should bomb ISIS to Hell.  But we should also remember Obama’s past negligence concerning ISIS.  So I present some brief reminders.

Obama was warned a year ago that ISIS was a serious threat.  His response?

…The president chose not to act, the source said. Nor did he request additional information on activities of ISIS including in his daily briefing.

And since then (until recent days), he has done little except deride them as “JayVee”.

Obama will surely try to distract from that.  He has already lied about that.  But he has already failed concerning ISIS.  And we would be foolish to forget that.

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