Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Lady of Perpetual Litigation Declines a 2nd Term

The Presiding “Bishop” of THE Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori has announced that she will not seek a second term.  Perhaps she thought she had done enough damage already.

If so, she certainly won’t admit it.  Instead

In her letter to the church, the Presiding Bishop cited the accomplishments of her tenure noting first her “relational work”, which was “fundamental to the reconciliation we seek in Christ.  As bridges are built, more and more people can begin to cross the divides between us, and God’s dream begins to take flesh in a more just and peaceful world.”

Her citing her “relational work” towards “reconciliation” is beyond laughable.  Other than her heresies, the hallmark of her tenure has been vindictive litigation against parishes and dioceses that could no longer conscientiously stay in her apostate “church.”  She well earned the moniker, Our Lady of Perpetual Litigation.  She increased the lawsuits engaged in by TEC at least five times.

She even torpedoed amicable negotiations toward settlements, preferring to sue instead.  The most famous instance of this was in the Diocese of Virginia.  Bishop Lee was close to a settlement until Schori barged in.  In his words at the time, “there is a new sheriff in town.”

Her heresies and arrogance sped the demise of The Episcopal Church.  People have flooded out.  Five dioceses have left.  The last of those five, South Carolina, she practically forced out by an absurd and patently dishonest deposition of Bishop Mark Lawrence.  Oh, have I mentioned all her depositions of the faithful?

Yes, I could go on.  But Katharine Jefferts Schori has indeed done enough damage to The Episcopal Church already.  May she enjoy her retirement.  A very warm destination awaits.

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