Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Defund the Campus New Totalitarians

This morning, I could enumerate further enormities from campus totalitarians at Missouri, Yale etc.   Believe me I could.  Instead, I propose a solution.

The Feds have long pressured universities with money.  A big reason the campus has suddenly become such an UNsafe space for young men with healthy heterosexual instincts is that the Obama Administration has pushed campus kangaroo courts – which, by the way, I warned you about over four years ago.

Since the Feds give universities so much money for student aid, research grants, art grants etc., it is time that is levered for good for a change.  Universities should be required to uphold and protect freedom of speech and freedom of religion on their campuses or else face a cut off of federal funds.

My proposal includes requiring universities to discipline faculty and students who commit fascist behavior such as “students” not permitting speakers to speak and professors grading down students with “incorrect” political views.

Universities who have a persistent history of attacks on the rights of non-Leftists would be required to correct that quickly with draconian measures or would have ALL fed funds cut off.

Trust me that respect for freedom of speech and freedom of religion and conscience would improve dramatically on campus.  Most universities do NOT want to lose their fed funds.

By the way, some readers may themselves give to their alma mater thinking they are giving to the beloved college of their younger years.

You might want to double-check that.  You may be appalled at what your school has become.  I once gave to Duke.  I do not give to the Duke of today.

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