Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Obama Regime and False Accusations

A word of advice to men going off to college in the next few days: beware of being falsely accused of sexual assault, especially under the Obama Regime.

For his Education Department is virtually requiring that those accused of sexual assault not receive a fair hearing from college authorities. For starters, his Education Department Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is pressuring colleges not to allow the accused “to question or cross-examine the accuser” during college hearings. Also, the accuser must be allowed to appeal decisions, subjecting the accused to double jeopardy.

But, perhaps worse, the OCR is requiring colleges to use “a preponderance of the evidence” standard, an absurdly weak standard for a rape case worthy of a kangaroo court:

This is the lowest standard. It is much less demanding than "beyond a reasonable doubt," which is used in the criminal justice system, and the intermediate standard of "clear and convincing proof."

Yet the Obama Regime would destroy a student’s reputation and career based on such a low standard.

Read more here. It suffices to say that the OCR’s version of “civil rights” omits the civil rights of the accused. Because womyn never make false accusations of sexual assault or harassment in the correct feminist view, don’t you know.

This is not the only indication that the Obama Regime cares not a whit for college students falsely accused of sexual assault. Months ago, Obama appointed one Cathy Davidson, an English professor at Duke University, to the National Council on the Humanities.

Davidson was one of the infamous Group of 88, a cabal of Duke faculty who made statements extremely prejudicial to the falsely accused Duke Lacrosse students years ago. Worse, she refused to admit her wrong and instead brazenly defended the Group of 88 when it became clear the accused students were innocent.

The best source on the whole sordid affair is the Durham-in-Wonderland blog. Look back on the posts in the Spring of 2007.

I was so outraged by the actions of the Group of 88 that this alum wrote to the Duke Board of Trustees and suggested the following:

Each member of the Group of 88 should individually be asked either to publicly and completely apologize for their extremely prejudicial actions against the three students or to begin seeking employment elsewhere.

That will be more courtesy than those faculty members deserve. And it's the least that furthering a safe, welcoming, and just atmosphere for students demands.

Obama instead gives one member of the Group of 88, Cathy Davidson, a plum appointment. That adds insult to injury to those students who have found themselves falsely accused of sexual assault.

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BillB said...

In the Obama World of neo-Marxist ideas, accusation is clear evidence of guilt. All this rights stuff for the accused is rubbish, the accused should have no Constitutional Rights (in the Progressive world view). In this case the accused are not properly obeying wemyn!