Wednesday, August 03, 2011

You Tea Partiers are Racist Terrorist Carjackers!

First, tea partiers and those of us who oppose higher taxes and spending were raaaaacists.

That tack did not work too well in the 2010 elections for some reason. Some haven’t gotten the memo, however.

More recently, we are terrorists. Again and again in the past couple weeks, tea partiers have been compared with jihadis, suicide bombers and Hezbollah. So much so that these attacks appear coordinated.

Now, we are carjackers, too, according to Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post. Gimme your Lexus, NOW.

Next thing you know, the Southern Poverty Law Center will declare us a hate group.

This all has become so silly, it is hard for me to get very indignant about it. The Left is seeing that their cycle of endlessly higher spending is coming to end and might be even in the process of being reversed. And as for their fond vision of turning all those “millionaires and billionaries” into tax slaves, forget about it. So hissy fits abound.

And this racist terrorist carjacker is enjoying the show.

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peggy38 said...

I am sure that the British thought the same about the original Tea Party and the original revolutionaries.

Like water off a ducks back to me. In fact, I have half a mind to consider it a compliment given the source :-)