Friday, August 26, 2011

Rowan Williams to Seek Meeting with Mugabe

This should create not a little controversy. George Conger reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury intends to seek a meeting with Robert Mugabe to discuss Zimbabwe’s persecuted Anglicans – persecuted by Mugabe to be exact.

I do not know what to think about this. Certainly, Dr. Williams has a pastoral duty to do his best on behalf of persecuted Anglicans. And, like it or not, Mugabe is in charge in Zimbabwe.

But how evil does a leader have to be before one determines that meeting with him would be pointless? If Mugabe made some sort of agreement with Rowan, would he keep it? And certainly ++Canterbury seeking a meeting with Mugabe (whether Mugabe agrees to a meeting or not) would buttress the stature of that thug.

I’ve been highly critical of Dr. Williams. But on this, he has not my criticism, but my sympathy. This is a difficult and ethically problematic decision indeed.

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Floridian said...

Has Dr. Williams kept his agreements with the majority of Anglicans with traditional/orthodox, Biblical doctrines?

Why should Mugabe trust Williams?

Why should anyone pay attention to these two at all?

The rest of the Anglican world should do what my cat did when she was displeased with an offering of food, turn our backs, paw the earth ceremoniously to shake the dust of their presence and declare both their offices null and void.