Monday, August 08, 2011

Blame Games

When the blameworthy engage in blaming others, it says more about those engaging in blame games rather than their targets. Two instances (actually three *coughSchoricough* but I may get to that later) over the weekend stand out in that regard.

First, the worst of the Labour Left have tried to pin the blame for the Tottenham riots on the Tories. Red Ken Livingstone is, of course, among those playing that blame game. Yes, I can envision Maggie Thatcherites and businessmen in suits setting London on fire.

The blame, of course, belongs with the lowlifes who rioted and, perhaps, with the very soft response to their predations.

But if one wishes to blame political parties, which party is it that opened the door to massive indiscriminate immigration of those whose culture is an ill fit with English culture? If any party owns those who rioted, it is Labour, most definitely not the Tories.

Second, in the aftermath of the S&P downgrade of U.S. debt, Democrats have tried to pin the blame on Tea Partiers.

Excuse me. Who is it that created a welfare state of entitlements that we cannot afford? Who is it that has created another massive entitlement, Obamacare? Who is it that, for decades, whenever someone dares to stick his neck out and reform Social Security and Medicare so that they are slightly more financially rational, they demagogue, engaging in scaring the elderly and in mediscaring and in selling out our future in order to win the next election?

And under whose President do we have three straight $Trillion plus deficits, exploding the national debt?

And Tea Partiers get blamed because they are striving to put a stop to this madness.

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Beneath the Firmament said...

The crime here is multiculturalism. The vast immigration of those with completely different value systems and morality has infected English society.