Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Warren Buffett, SHUT UP!

The other day, Warren Buffett once again called for raising taxes on the “rich”. Buffett comes across as a nice rich grandpa and is very popular, so he usually gets kid glove treatment.

But it is time to take the gloves off.

The arrogance of a man who is worth billions calling on the feds to make it harder for those behind him to create wealth galls me.

And it appears I am not the only one. The Wall Street Journal goes yard on his hypocrisy this morning, concluding:

Mr. Buffett is one of the great stock-pickers of his time, and we don't begrudge him a single dollar of his wealth. We only wish that, having already made himself rich, he weren't so intent on making it harder for others to become rich too. If he's worried about being undertaxed, we'd suggest he simply write a big check to Uncle Sam and go back to his day job of picking investments.

In other words, Warren Buffett, SHUT UP!


Paul G said...

Wow! What compassionate, sage advice. I guess Jesus could have learned a little something from you. Probably wouldn't have been nailed to that pesky ultimate SHUT UP called the cross.
(By the way one small reality check...a huge percentage of Mr. Buffett's wealth was generated pre-both Reagan's and then Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy. Yes, indeed it was SO hard for him to become wealthy when he was paying more than an effective tax rate of %17 percent. Poor litle rich kids tody have it sooo hard.)

Floridian said...

Buffett, like two other big money tycoons, Gates and Turner, is a BIG supporter of abortion. Not someone whose advice or point of view to value highly.

Mark said...

Absolutely right, Floridian. He is a big contributor to Planned Parenthood . . . for which I am sure he takes a tax deduction.


Warren said...

One comment and then the faithful ad hominem argument is trotted out. Why am I even here? Just stupid I guess.