Tuesday, August 16, 2011

“Imaginary” Vote Fraud

We have recently been informed that vote fraud is an “imaginary crime.”

I am so glad to know that. Then it must be just my imagination that three North Carolina Democrats have admitted to voting for Obama . . . two times apiece. Glad to know that didn’t really happen.

And ACORN being fined the maximum amount for violating voter registration laws in Nevada? Just my imagination. The judge must have been really delusional. He said he would send the perpetrator to prison for ten years if he could.

And that NAACP and Democrat Party official who just got sentenced to five years for vote fraud, why, we should march in the streets for her. How dare the court send a Black woman to prison for an imaginary crime! That’s RAAAAACISM! Just like those Voter ID laws. Preventing imaginary vote fraud is RACIST!

Anyway, I am so glad I have had the delusion of vote fraud lifted from me. I will no longer have to waste time on this issue.

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BillB said...


I almost gagged on that. Those wonderful, liberal progressives are just so hot under the collar if the non-wonderful, non-liberal non-progressives want a law that would prevent the wonderful, liberal progressives from having just anyone -- alive, dead, non-citizen, felon -- vote once or more for the wonderful, liberal progressives' choice of candidates. I mean, have the non-wonderful, non-liberal non-progressives ever shown beyond a reasonable doubt (that is beyond any doubt) that there is massive vote fraud in this country. I mean the article only indicates that it may gain a couple of percent of the vote. However, it should be noted that wonderful, liberal progressives do not require any proof that something has happened, like say anthropogenic global warming, to pass draconian laws that will shove us back into the stone age under their wonderful, liberal, progressive, enlightened rule as they are truly the most intelligent and knowledgeable race that has existed.

(P.S. – where do you dig up this bonafide, pure, male, bovine excrement? These people are about to fall off the left end of reality)