Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Totalitarian Speech Code

Yesterday, I briefly looked at the big picture of the New Totalitarianism on campus.  Today, I will focus on one instance of the same, the new speech code at the University of Missouri Law School.

One provision of the speech code is totalitarian practically by definition.  A characteristic of totalitarian countries is authorities pushing a duty to rat on those who express counter-revolutionary thoughts.  Such is the case in Cuba, North Korea, and Obamerica, and was the case in the Soviet Union.

So guess what the Missouri Law School speech code mandates.

…the officers of SBA [Student Bar Association, i. e. Law School students – Ed.] not only expect students to obey—they expect students to inform on other students who violate the policy:

It is the duty of each member of the SBA to report instances of possible non-compliance with this policy to the Vice-President of the SBA-all reports will be kept anonymous and in confidence.

Note that the speech code was written by the law school students themselves.

These are the New Totalitarians who will be future judges.

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