Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Downfall XVIII: Obama Blames Republicans for Obamacare

Yes, this is a second Downfall post today, and, no, I am not kidding.  Obama really did blame Republicans for the problems besetting Obamacare:

“One of the problems we’ve had is one side of Capitol Hill is invested in failure,” Obama said at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council meeting in Washington.

One reason I include this in my Downfall series is this what tyrants do when their regime is failing; they blame others for their own failure.  The Communist Pigs in charge of Venezuela blame those Yanquis, especially the CIA.  Yeah, the CIA is very busy keeping toilet paper from Venezuelans.  Heck, Hitler blamed the whole German people.  They failed him as if his foolish invasion of the Soviet Union had nothing to do with losing WW2.

Anyway, I do not find Obama’s blame game even worthy of rebutting.  But Ed Morrissey has posted a good one anyway.  AND if you want a really meaty epic rant that this blogger envies, go to Ace and his taking apart the attempts of Dana Milbank and other Leftist hacks to blame Republicans for Obamacare's problems.  In short, Milbank and company are attempting to vilify Republicans because they were soooo evil as to oppose Obamacare and to – brace yourself – tell the truth about it.  Horrors!  In Ace’s words:

[Milbank’s] just Darned Angry at the GOP for blowing the whistle and letting people know that Obama is turning them into farm-animals to be periodically shorn of fur with which to make sweaters for members of Obama's coalition.

Pretty much.


Downfall is an ongoing series anticipating and tracking what I expect will be the self-destruction of Obama.

The first post may be found here.  The series may be found here.

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