Friday, November 01, 2013

The Usual Losers

The Federalist has an article by John Daniel Davidson of the Texas Public Policy Foundation which documents that many of the losers under Obamacare will be the young and the healthy.

I’ll defer to Mr. Davidson for the details.  But it immediately occurred to me that this is typical of Democrat policies, and not just under Obama but for decades.

Democrat policy has always been to buy votes now at the expense of future generations.  Opposing Social Security reforms is but one example.  Simple demographics have long shown that Social Security has become a Ponzi scheme that will blow up on today’s young.  But when Republicans tried to avoid this outcome with reforms, Democrats demagogued and told the elderly that Republicans were trying to take their Social Security.  And this worked at the ballot box time and time again as the elderly for decades voted Democrat.

Then there are the multiple ways of buying votes with deficit spending, endangering the future economic health of the nation.  (And, yes, establishment Republicans have participated in this vote buying as well.)

In short, Democrat policy has long been “Screw the young!  Win the next election!”

The other major set of losers under Obamacare and Democrat policies are those who take care of themselves, in other words, the healthy.  (Granted, some people through genetic or economic inheritance are physically or financially healthy through little effort of their own.  So, yes, I am generalizing.)  Under Obamacare, a big reason premiums for the healthy are going up is because people with pre-existing conditions are covered, and someone has to pay for that.

Now it sounds all good that pre-existing conditions are covered. And I have a friend who has had epilepsy since childhood.  I don’t have a big problem helping out someone like him, who has an acute health problem that is no fault of his own.  But a lot of pre-existing conditions are self-inflicted through over-eating, laziness, smoking, etc.  Should someone who works to take care of herself have to pay for the willful negligence of others?  But that is exactly what happens under Obamacare.

And you probably see where I’m going.  Democrat policy is to buy the votes of the lazy and the looters with the taxes of the workers and with deficit spending.  Work, responsibility, and success are punished.  Laziness and fecklessness are rewarded.

So Obamacare is the same old same old from Democrats . . . just on steroids.

So hey, you younguns and those who take care of yourselves, are you tired of being screwed over yet?

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