Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ace Sums Up the Obama Presidency

I might have mentioned this before, but Ace of Spades has become my favorite blog.  It comes with a language warning and *ahem* uninhibited “moron” commenters, but wow is it informative, fun, and wide-ranging.

Yesterday, the lead blogger there, Ace, teed off on Obama for giving his union buddies a $63 Obamacare break while not lifting a finger to keep his promises and help those afflicted by Obamacare cancellations, higher premiums, and higher deductibles.  But then most of those unfortunates don’t vote Democrat, do they.

Obama has shellacked middle class individual policy holders precisely because they're (mostly) not in his coalition, but boy is he afraid to impose a $63 a year tax -- that's like five pizzas, in case you're wondering -- on members of his coalition.

The reason I bring this to your attention is that, in the process of addressing this outrage, Ace summed up the Obama Regime all too well:

This is deadly, toxic stuff, pure out in the open piracy, stealing from citizens outside Obama's core supporters to give to his loyal minions. This is Banana Republic stuff.

This is looting.

Obama is the President who bequeathed America our new Looter Economy. . . .

It's government-sanctioned piracy -- it's privateering, siccing some citizens on others, giving First Tier Citizens permission to loot the Second Tier Citizens.

And I cannot do better than that in summarizing the Obama presidency.

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