Monday, November 18, 2013

Telegraph: C of E on Brink of Women Bishops Resolution

If the Telegraph is to be believed, I was on to something last week.  Things are looking good for an amicable resolution to the women bishop’s issue in the Church of England.

Not only can Forward in Faith people live with the current proposal, but Women and the Church seems happy with it, too.

The legislation has also been praised by Women and the Church, the most prominent group currently campaigning for women bishops. Anne Stevens, a group vice chairman, said: “It’s good to see draft legislation that is so clear and concise, and we look forward to a day of great national rejoicing when women are finally made bishops.”

We shall see.  Again, my attitude is that women bishops in the Church of England are inevitable.  So if a way to that can be found that respects and protects traditionalists, then that is probably the way to go.

Given the past attitudes of some women bishops proponents, I doubted such a way was possible.  I would be most happy to be proven mistaken in that regard.

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