Monday, November 11, 2013

The Bookworm on Obama’s Pattern of Lying

Back in 2008, I rightly had Obama pegged as a Leftist and a liar.  And nobody can say I did not warn people about him.

But one Bookworm did me one better I must confess.  Not only did he see Obama as a liar, he dissected with remarkable precision the character and pattern of his lies.  Last week, he pretty much said “I told you so,”  beginning,

More than five years ago, when Barack Obama threw his hat into the political ring, I realized that he was a malignant narcissist who lied compulsively.  For Obama, truth was then and is now defined by the needs of the moment.  If it will benefit him at that moment to say something at variance with facts as other people know them, he is telling the truth because his political needs are the ultimate yardstick by which all truth must be measured.  This pathological outlook means that, when Obama is caught in what ordinary people would characterize an out-and-out lie, he engages in a cascading cover-up of lies, all dictated, not by objective facts, but by his needs at the moment.

And then he goes back to what he said in 2008, which goes into more detail of Obama’s pattern of lying.  I don’t want to paste too much of his post, so please go read for yourself.  But it suffices to say Obama habitually engages in the textbook “affirmative defense” method of prevarication, and the Bookworm was remarkably prescient in spotting that before The One became king President.

And we are seeing that pattern again with his progression of lies on Obamacare.


Tregonsee said...

It is fun, though not productive, to force your friends on the Left to comepare the "lies" of Bush with the "terminological inexactitudes" of Obama.

Anonymous said...

There is something about his intonation -- know-it-all school-marmish -- that has always turned me off. Although I guess this is a variety of ad hominem, perhaps it is also consistent with the diagnosis of "malignant narcissist."