Friday, April 19, 2013

The Boston Bombing Manhunt and the Religion That Must Not Be Named

Like many who work at home, I’ve had the TV on almost non-stop this morning monitoring the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bomber(s).  But there are two words I cannot recall hearing all morning – Muslim and Islam.

Funny, early on some in the noos media could not restrain themselves from speculating (once again) that “right-wing” “extremists” were behind the bombing.  But now that is it highly likely that the bombers were Muslim terrorists, the quiet is deafening.

And in case you think I’m jumping to conclusions, read this from the Independent, hardly an extremist publication.  It is (or should be) well known Chechnya and Chechens are a hot bed of Muslim terrorists.  Russia sure does know that all too well.  (And, yes, there are also many good Chechens as well like the uncle who decried the bombing.)

Perhaps the media is being careful not to jump the gun, and guess I could be charitable and give them the benefit of the doubt on that.  But some sure were eager to jump the gun and finger “right-wing” “extremists”.  And the Chechen Muslim connection certainly is more relevant than one of the suspects being a star on his school wrestling team.

Noos media, your double standards are showing . . . again.


Ace is having some fun with this:

I enjoy how quick the left is to assert that no judgments can be made, about virtually anything at all, when just yesterday they were quite prepared to make some Big Judgments about the rightwing bombers who were probably celebrating Hitler's birthday, as most people on the right do (per NPR "news").

But I heard that NBC actually managed to mention “Muslim” and “Islam”.

I just about fainted when I saw that tweet.

But the biggest laugh I’ve had this morning came from reading this one:

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