Monday, April 29, 2013

West Indies Bishops Denounce Obama-Cameron Gay Rights Pressure

President Obama and UK PM Cameron have made pressure on foreign governments to conform to liberal gay rights norms part of their foreign policies.  And that includes threats of withholding aid.

Twenty-three active and retired Anglican bishops the Province of the West Indies have responded by urging their governments to resist such pressure.

There have been “trends within countries of the developing world and international forums, and in which these countries exercise a controlling interest, in which matters related to human sexuality have been elevated to the level of human rights and are being promulgated as positions which must be accepted globally.”

Failure to exceed to these new orthodoxies “results in the threat of various sanctions, including the withholding of economic aid”…

Kudos to these bishops for standing up against the pressure to conform to the modern Western version of “tolerance.”

And has not the gay agenda infected just about everything?  Now even relationships between countries are being made subservient to the endorsement of relationships between homosexuals.  Bow down . . . or else.


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Blaine Dunning said...

The problem with force is people tend to reject being forces to do something they disagree with. It should be left to the individual how they wish to treat homosexuals, not being forced to comply.