Monday, April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher R. I. P.

There are so many things I saw over the weekend on which I could blog that I can hardly keep track of them.  But I cannot let the news of the passing of Margaret Thatcher this morning pass without comment.

Margaret Thatcher was a great heroine of freedom . . . and a heroine of mine.  I loved how she stuck to her guns and put the Left, both of the Labour and of the Soviet varieties, in their place in her wonderful hectoring style.  That she was right and espoused basic common sense infuriated her foolish opponents that much more.

Even in her death, there are many that still hate her.  Well, if a woman is known by her enemies, her greatness is confirmed that much more.

I remember the past words of a past political co-worker and friend, Earl Ashe.  Now he was even more plain-spoken than yours truly, so I dare not repeat his exact words here.  But the gist of them is that Margaret Thatcher was about the only leader across the Atlantic who had any manhood to speak of – ironic and too true.

I could go on and on.  I revered the Iron Lady and still do.

The most interesting and thoughtful remembrance of her that I’ve come across comes from Cranmer.  Enjoy and remember.

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