Thursday, April 11, 2013

Johnny Rotten: Thatcher Death Parties are “Loathsome.”

I love Johnny Rotten, aka John Lydon.  (Yes, I have my punk side.  Yes, I love Queen Elizabeth and The Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen.”  Yes, I have my contradictions.)  But I was dreading what he might say about the passing of Margaret Thatcher.  I revere him and was afraid he would disappoint me.

Instead, he made my lunchtime.  I just found out he has rightly called the Thatcher death street parties “loathsome”:

When someone dies, give them respect. Enemy or not. I can't be listening to folk who do that.

What kind of politics are they offering me? You dance on another person's grave? That's loathsome.


Her politics were really dreadful [disagree! – ed.] and derisive [Agree, but I liked that about her. – ed.] and caused a great many issues for me when I was young, for all of us trying to go through that.

But that don't mean I am gonna dance on her grave, as they say. I'm not that kind of person.

I was her enemy in her life but I will not be her enemy in her death. I am not a coward.

Would those who partied in the streets had the class and perspective of John Lydon.  Thank you, Johnny Rotten.

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