Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Boston Bombing IS an Immigration Issue

Amnesty proponents, both Demorats and RINOs, are defecating on those who insist that we take a hard look at the Boston Bombing and take any immigration failures into consideration before proceeding further with importing Democrats immigration reform.  These rats say Boston has nothing to do with immigration issues at hand.

The hell it doesn’t.

First, we let the lovely Tsarnaev family come to the U. S. in the first place.  Then we let them all stay – even after Russia warned us about at least one of them – even after they got on welfare – even after one of them started posting jihadist videos on YouTube.

Year after year, we grossly mishandled the Tsarnaevs though there were obvious signs several of them were undesirable and worthy of deportation. The Tsarnaevs are one of a multitude of failures of our immigration system. And yet we can supposedly handle adding 11 million illegals into the immigration system in a way that improves the country?

With the Tsarnaevs we imported the ills of Chechnya and area.  With so-called immigration reform we will import more of the ills of North Mexico, including drug cartels.  I should say we are importing since the promise of amnesty has increased the flow of illegal immigration.

After Boston, “immigration reform” and amnesty in particular should not only be delayed, it should be stopped.

When stopping the import of terrorists, criminals, and looters becomes the focus of immigration reform, then we can do business.

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