Thursday, April 18, 2013

About West, Texas

First, my prayers are among the many prayers ascending for the town of West, Texas after the awful fertilizer plant explosion.

But I thought it might be helpful also to add a little background about the town.

And, yes, West, (comma) Texas in this case is a town, and it’s not in West Texas.  It’s in North Central Texas, more or less, between Waco and Hillsboro.  And it’s certainly not “Western Texas” as I think I heard BBC Radio Worldwide refer to it a couple hours ago.  They can be forgiven as it confuses even us Texans!

The reason I am familiar with West is that I have stopped many a time there to buy pastries and other food when driving on I-35.  The town is of Czech heritage and knows how to cook.

So watch how those who drive on I-35 will band together to help out the town.  They have already won our hearts via our tastebuds.  And the CzechFest they have every Labor Day weekend will surely be very well attended this year.

If you would like to chip in and help out the town of West, here are some ways.  In addition, Glenn Beck’s people are helping out as well.

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