Thursday, October 18, 2012

On The Episcopal Church Attacking the Diocese of South Carolina

The new --Schori puppet Disciplinary Board for Bishops of The Episcopal “Church” (TEC) has declared that the Bishop of South Carolina has abandoned TEC.  This triggers provisions previously passed by the Diocese which now take it out of TEC.  So, in effect, Presiding “Bishop” Schori has kicked the Diocese of South Carolina out of her Unholy “Church” . . . and will now send in her lawyers to attempt to seize all the diocese’s assets, of course.

Given that the Bishop of SC, Mark Lawrence, has taken great pains to keep South Carolina in TEC while upholding the Faith and guarding the integrity of his diocese and parishes, I find this attack shocking.

But I probably should not be shocked.  As Sarah Hey points out, Schori and company are a vindictive bunch, “utterly amoral, bullying, and controlling.”  And, back in 2006, I asserted time and again that there is no safe place for the orthodox in The Episcopal Church.  Now I am proven right . . . again.

Christopher Johnson suspects the presenting issue was that +Lawrence acted to allow parishes to protect their property.  Given the sheer greed and vindictiveness of --Schori, that might be so.

Although I would have questioned trying to stay in The Episcopal Church as the Diocese of South Carolina has, they have done us the service of showing us just how implacable TEC has become.  Bow down to Great Whore of 815 and all her abominations, or else.

Stand Firm and the AnglicanCurmudgeon have followed this matter closely and surely will continue to do so, and I defer to them for more in-depth coverage.


BillB said...

What scares me about this is that TEO has been a harbinger of Liberal-Progressive thought and action. What does this mean for our Nation in the coming months? How will the rage and vindictiveness of the Left play out?

Just as DioSC elected +Lawrence to lead them, I think this Nation will elect Romney to lead it. However what I have seen posted at Drudge and Twitchy makes me think we are in for a bad time starting Nov 7th as the Liberal Progressives erupt in violent anger.

Alexi said...

Bill, Yep, This election will be very interesting for the nation. Just like the election of Lawrence was crucial for our way forward, whomever is elected POTUS will set the "way forward" for the USA. It is your and every voter's choice!

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