Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Battle for Catholics in Ohio

Julie Kopmeyer alerts to an interesting disagreement in Ohio.  The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland ran “Faithful Citizenship” programs in the parishes to assist Catholics in forming their consciences in preparations for the elections.

Well, it turned out that the programs were hijacked by Obama supporters, such as Karen Leith, and downplayed “non-negotiables” such as abortion and pushed “social justice” and the like.

Liberals hijacking churches for their political ends – where have I seen that before?

Anyway, the Bishop of Cleveland, Richard Lennon, is putting his foot down about this.  In every bulletin this Sunday (assuming the libs don’t hijack those as well) will be a letter from him making it clear that the non-negotiables are non-negotiable and are far more important than issues such as immigration reform.  In his words, such issues “only matter if human life itself is a value of fundamental priority and is always protected. If human life is expendable, these other issues lose much of their significance.”

Exactly.  Kudos to the bishop for clearing up the fog.

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Beneath the Firmament said...

I'm not sure that it is just liberals. The Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican/Episcopal Church seem to support illegal immigration because it pads their coffers.

It makes me furious.