Thursday, October 04, 2012

After the Debate (or I’m a Party Pooper)

First, let's get some things out of the way.  I am encouraged by the first debate.  There is no question Romney won.  Even some prominent Lefties concede that, and a few of them even went in meltdown mode last night, particularly Chris Matthews and Andrew Sullivan, who called it “a disaster for Obama.”  I think Obama constantly looking down and smirking while Romney spoke hurt him.  And Romney effectively called out Obama’s lies (my word, not Romney’s) yet in a winsome manner, which is not easy to do.  Moreover, Romney was likeable throughout.  I've been hard on Romney, but he did good, as we say in Texas.

One of the reasons last night may be significant is that millions of viewers found out that Romney neither has horns nor advocates any number of things Obama says he advocates.  And it could be the beginning of undecided voters moving to Romney.

However . . . Obama committed no major gaffes.  And this is only one debate with two presidential debates to go.  Sitting presidents have had weak first debates before and gone on to win the election.  The remaining debates or other events could easily undo any damage Obama sustained last night and then some.  Yes, two more debates like this one, and Obama may be done for.  But that is highly unlikely to happen.

I saw a lot of my fellow conservatives get a bit carried away last night.  I am not one of them.  Last night was encouraging and certainly a setback for Obama, but, contra Andrew Sullivan, no disaster for Obama, at least not yet.

Yes, I’m a party pooper.

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