Friday, October 26, 2012

Benghazi Summarized UPDATED

I have been hesitant to post further on what can now be called the Benghazi scandal.  For the Obama Administration and their enablers in the news media have thrown up enough mirrors and fog to make it difficult to get one’s arms around this.  (Not-so-by-the-way, imagine media reporting of this if a Republican administration had acted as the current White House has.)

But I’ve come across an excellent succinct summary of Benghazi.  Please read it for yourself.  But if I may further condense the most important points:

1. Obama and his people knew what transpired in Benghazi on 9-11.

2. He, and they, lied about it again and again.

3. Most despicably, they made a youtube video maker the scapegoat and “for all intents and purposes a political prisoner being held because he exercised his First Amendment rights.”

4. Obama has showed himself to not only be utterly negligent but also completely untrustworthy.

Some are speculating that Benghazi and the subsequent lying are dragging Obama down.  

I sure hope so.


UPDATE: Right after I posted, this huge story broke.  

The question now is who decided to order the CIA to stand down during the Benghazi attack?  I would think that is the sort of decision made at “the highest levels”, as they say.

Remember that I warned of coming damaging (to Obama) intelligence leaks after Biden threw the intelligence community under the bus during the VP Debate.  It’s happening.

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