Monday, October 08, 2012

Obama Administration Withdrew Special Ops Team from Benghazi Before 9-11 Attack

More and more keeps coming out about the Obama Administration’s willful negligence in defending our ambassador and staff in Libya.

The latest is that, in August, the Obama Administration withdrew a 16 member Special Ops team from Libya assigned to protecting the ambassador and embassy staff in spite of Ambassador Stevens’ pleas about security and desire that the Special Ops team stay.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens wanted a Security Support Team, made up of 16 special operations soldiers, to stay with him in Libya after their deployment was scheduled to end in August, the commander of that security team told ABC News.

The embassy staff’s “first choice was for us to stay,” Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, 55, told ABC News in an interview. “That would have been the choice of the embassy people in Tripoli.” …

Asked for comment to the memo and Wood’s comments, a spokesman for the House Oversight Committee told ABC News: “Diplomats working in Libya viewed security provided by highly trained Americans as critical to their safety and mission. The Oversight Committee’s investigation continues to seek answers about why — even as threats against Americans increased — senior State Department officials erroneously decided such security was no longer needed.”

Investigators are exploring whether anyone at the State Department told the Embassy specifically not to request another extension.

Again, this is part of a willful negligence in defending our people in Libya.  This is beyond scandalous and should be the last straw in bringing down Obama, and Hillary as well. . . .  Note that I said "should". 

Note: Yes I had a typo in the title.  The Specials are a ska group; and it is still morning . . . 

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