Friday, March 25, 2011

Jesus is coming . . . on May 21st.

I hope you do not have too much planned this summer. Because I just found out Jesus will return on May 21st.

I wish I could tell you this was revealed to me in the midst of pious contemplations while receiving the Holy Sacrament in clouds of incense. Some may prefer that I receive this revelation while rolling on the floor or barking and engaging in Holy Laughter, which is not to be confused with Holy Listening.

But actually this billboard told me.

To be specific, as this helpful web site and informative video explains, the Rapture will occur on May 21st. And God will destroy the world on October 21st. And “we can know” this from “the Bible alone.” Well, that settles it!

This should make for an interesting year. I wonder how the General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church in June will be affected. . . .

Anyway, I know my readers are busy people. So I thought I would assist them in planning ahead.

You’re welcome.

MORE: I’ve poked around some more and found out the dates are the prediction of Harold Camping. Google “Camping May 21” and you’ll see numerous references.


RECCHIP said...


Just so you know. The REC officially declared Harold Camping to be a heretic back in 2005. This was in response to his teaching that "the church age is over, so stop going to church." Many of the REC folks (particularly in the Diocese of the Southeast) were regular Family Radio listeners and attendance at some churches was going down quickly. So, the General Council felt the need to formally declare Harold Camping and his teachings as heretical.

Thus, I think everybody should plan on being in Dallas for General Council this June.

Grandmother said...

Mark, perhaps I misunderstand, but I don't think its the REC that puts this out.. I think its something called The REFORMED Church. I've heard some of this blather on "Christian Family Radio",(or something) which has some great, wonderful music.. I hate that they teach this stuff, because they have wonderful Bible reading and some truly great music recordings.
You might want to check OK?
The REC is now in ACNA, so I'm very sure its not their idea..

Anonymous said...

You may have seen my Jan. 3 post on the same. But it was the comment that came quickly after posting that I thought was more interesting.
In any case, people have been looking. It's been one of my more popular visit sites.

Mark said...

I completely agree.

I remember that resolution now that you've mentioned. But I didn't know much about the circumstances until now.


Mark said...

My last comment is in reply to RECCHIP, to be clear.

And, yes, the REC is very much opposed to this, of course.