Friday, March 04, 2011

I Corinthians 13 and Lent

In traditional prayer books, the Epistle Lesson for this Sunday Next Before Lent (Quinquagesima) comes from I Corinthians 13.

That famous chapter on love is indeed excellent preparation for Lent. If one is so dense as to have difficulty finding areas about which to be penitent, an honest reading of this chapter will fix that straight away.

To those who consider themselves to living somewhat up to the standards of godly love, I Corinthians 13 says, “Oh really? Are you patient to the point of suffering long? Are you kind? Do you never envy others? Etc.”

It will not surprise my forbearing readers that I fail when I get to patience already. And as for being “not easily provoked,” all it takes is my usual morning news reading to get me going in that area. I am sure my readers find that shocking.

So I commend the wisdom of the traditional lectionary to you in preparing for Lent. If I Corinthians 13 does not get you good and penitent, then I honestly do not know what will.

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