Thursday, March 10, 2011

Obama vs. Freedom of Speech

I’ve mentioned that Obama supported the public sector unions, their runaway Democrat pets and their antics in Wisconsin.

And, yes, it warms my heart to see those efforts defeated. And I frankly do not care to hear any whingeing about it. Those who subvert and run away from the democratic process are in no position to complain when democracy prevails.

I do not mention this deserved defeat in order to gloat, as tempting as that may be, but to point out that Obama and most Democrats are hostile to your freedom of speech.

Leaving aside the question of whether they are trying to muzzle you (I think if they had their way, they would in a number of ways.), I point out that they force workers and taxpayers to fund political advocacy repugnant to them.

In Wisconsin and elsewhere, Democrats support forced closed shop unions for public sector workers (and private workers as well). In order to have a state government job in Wisconsin, one must pay union dues from one’s salary. And who pays the salaries? That’s right – in effect, taxpayers along with state employees are therefore forced to pay union dues.

And if you are forced to pay union dues, you are forced to finance Democrat campaigns.

Now someone try to explain to me how being forced to finance political causes repugnant to you is not a serious violation of freedom of speech.

But when Democrats have a choice between your freedom of speech and their campaign coffers, guess which they choose. No wonder Democrats adamantly oppose a National Right to Work law which outlaws forced union dues.

Obama also opposes freedom of speech on the issue of whether to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and NPR. With the wonderful sting videos, it has now become even more clear that NPR is a lefty propaganda organ. But Obama still thinks you should continue to be forced to finance CPB and hence NPR, to the tune of $451 million.

This represents not only a complete lack of budget priorities but contempt for your freedom of speech.

What’s next? Will we be required to contribute to the Democrat Party and the Obama campaign in 2012?

Well, now that I think about it, for those of us forced to finance unions in closed shop states – yes – yes, we will.

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