Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christians for Bankruptcy and Theft

No, I am do not think there are professing Christians knowingly marching in the streets for bankruptcy and theft, not many of them anyway.

But I do think those Christians protesting against budget cuts are indeed advocating bankruptcy and theft in ignorance. For the U. S. and U. K. governments cannot maintain current spending without confiscatory tax hikes or stealing from the future with ruinous debt or both.

Now these “Christians” should have enough humility and enough reverence for the name of Christ not to slap the name of Christ on their preferred profligate fiscal policy. But no. Jesus wants to loot the treasury and taxpayers just like them.

Needless to say, I do not suffer such insufferable self-righteousness well.

Really most of these “Christians” are idolaters. They worship at the altar of the Almighty State and look to the state to meet all needs. And imprecations on those who try to restrain the power of the Holy State.

It’s not for nothing that the Bible portrays rapacious states as beasts worshipped by idolaters. It has been so in history and is so today.

Cranmer is more patient and tolerant than I and sets forth an excellent case for Christians to favor needed budget cuts.

But I would be pleased enough if those “Christians” who brazenly slap the name of Christ on their statist idolatry would have the humility and fear of God to cease from doing do.

I am not holding my breath, however.

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