Wednesday, March 09, 2011

David Cameron Backs Gulag UGay

Like Cranmer, I had not intended to post on the political on Ash Wednesday, but David Cameron’s comments backing the High Court’s ruling against Christians of traditional moral views demands a response.

Cameron said he found the High Court’s ruling against Owen and Eunice Johns “appropriate.” Then he lectured Christians that they must be “tolerant and welcoming and broad-minded” concerning homosexuality. So no sooner that he says it is “appropriate” for traditional Christians to be pushed further to the fringes of society and that they be found unfit to parent that he then turns around and lectures them about tolerance.

I thought only Leftists were capable of this sort of rubbish, of prating about tolerance while attacking the rights of those with whom you disagree.

Well, let me be “intolerant” and state what is not “appropriate.” It is not appropriate for a Prime Minister or President to cheerlead pushing Christians to the edges of society and then have the gall to lecture them about tolerance. It is no longer appropriate for a Christian or for anyone who cares about the rights and place of Christians in UK society to vote for a Conservative candidate who does not denounce Cameron’s comments.

If Christians vote UKIP, maybe Cameron would think twice about pushing the UK into becoming a society hostile to the rights of Christians. Maybe.


Beneath the Firmament said...

Go for bnp instead!

Mark said...

If you are serious, BtF, I suggest you read up on them. A nasty lot they are.


Beneath the Firmament said...

I have, but I still think they are better than the communists in power now who bow to the EU and are bent to let colonization continue.