Monday, March 21, 2011

Racist Justice

The Daily Caller has an excellent article up that documents a number of race-based decisions from Obama’s Department of Justice. It does so by focusing on the role of Obama-appointed Asst. Attorney General Loretta King (no relation to MLK).

Among other things, King stopped efforts by the head of the DOJ Voting Rights section to ensure new hires would be willing to defend the rights of whites as well as minorities. She was also behind the most notorious racist act of Obama’s Injustice Department – dropping voter intimidation charges against New Black Panthers when the charges had every indication of accuracy and success. She has also fought efforts of states to prevent election fraud. And . . . I could go on and on. Read the article.

Even the Dayton chapter of the NAACP has stated that her efforts go too far in the case of her pushing the hiring of firemen who flunk the hiring test but have the correct skin color of Black.

Civil Right Commissioner Todd Gaziano sums up the situation at Obama’s Justice Department well:

. . . there is a pervasive atmosphere of hostility to race-neutral enforcement and that Loretta King led the effort. . . . There is a racial double standard to the enforcement and that Loretta King shared and directed it as acting head.

And that no doubt with the support of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Otherwise, they would fire that racist woman.

By the way, whatever happened to “post-racial” Obama?

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