Thursday, March 03, 2011

Michael Moore: “That’s ours.”

If you, for some reason, wish to see and hear the embodiment of the mentality of Leftists concerning economic success, you need go no further then the ravings of one Michael Moore. In talking about “cash”:

We've allowed them to take that. That's not theirs, that's a national resource, that's ours. We all have this . . . . I think we need to go back to taxing these people at the proper rates.

Which no doubt is the pre-Reagan individual income tax rates of 70% and more.

Moore’s attitude belongs more on the elementary school playground than in political discourse. He and other Leftists think that the money you earn does not belong to you, especially if you make too much in their eyes. It belongs to them, namely a government controlled by them, in order to redistribute to more worthy outlets than you. If their benevolent government lets you keep some, then you should be grateful.

“What’s yours is ours,” whine the little Leftists.

Well . . . not so little in Moore’s case.

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peggy38 said...

Of course this comes from an overweight millionaire, a literal fat cat.

What I find most interesting about this screed is that he not only seems to be aware of the full logical implications of his liberal views, but he is also willing to admit publically that freedom will have to be restricted in previously unimaginable ways for those ideas to succeed.

When taxes go up, people vote with their feet and leave the high tax area for a lower tax area. It is simple common economic sense. I think liberals are coming to the point where they have to admit this. But rather than abandon their clearly harmful policies, I have long predicted that their answer would be to eliminate the freedom of movement by 1) making every states taxes high through federal taxes applicable to everyone (Obamacare being just the beginning) and 2) preventing people from moving their assets out of the country.

Although they will never say the words, they know that the only way for their ideas to work is to make them inescapable. Only when people can't escape high taxes will a California-style "worker's paradise" be feasible (although everyone would be equally miserable)

I am sure that they are even now working on some "sophisticated" "rebranding" of the old USSR restrictions on freedom of movement. Right now, Moore is just talking about preventing companies from escaping high taxes by hiring labor out of country. But how long from there to decision that it is necessary to keep businesses from moving from high tax states to low tax states? How long from there to saying that individual citizens can't move from one state to the other without special dispensation?

We can't have people shirking their duty to the collective can we?