Friday, February 04, 2011

Media Quiet About Obama Contempt Ruling

As I alerted you yesterday, federal Judge Martin Feldman ruled that the Obama Administration was in contempt of court due to its persisting with its moratorium in various forms on deepwater drilling in defiance of an earlier order from Feldman.

There is little question this is significant and that if such a ruling were made against a Republican administration, the “mainstream” news media would be all over it.

But the news media is being strangely quiet about this. I searched the front web pages of the Washington Post, CBS News, and CNN and found nothing. Maybe it was off in a corner on those home pages, but I could not find it. Searches of those three news sites using “Obama contempt” came up with AP stories at the Post and CBS and nothing, nada, of this story at CNN.

The news media dropped the ball when it came to informing us about Obama during the 2008 campaign. That dereliction of duty continues.

But I cannot let Republican leaders off the hook on this. They should be raising hell about this ruling and about Obama’s unlawful attacks on the offshore oil drilling industry. Few, if any, are.

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