Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats Show Their Priorities

If there was ever any doubt that Democrats are in the hip pocket of unions look to Wisconsin.

Given a choice between democracy and compulsory unionism, Wisconsin Democrat senators choose compulsory unionism of course, fleeing the state to thwart the real democratic process. Given a choice between taxpayers, fiscal responsibility and militant teachers unions, they choose the teachers unions.

But maybe I’m not being fair. I mean how can these Democrats choose against democracy if they do not know democracy if bit them on the ass. Take David Obey. In 2010, democracy did bite him on the ass, kicking him out of Congress. Along with the shameless strikers, he compares Gov. Walker with Hosni Mubarak. Uh, the people of Wisconsin just elected Walker the same day they unelected you, sir. He is no dictator. He is trying to do what he was elected to do.

And Madison has much more in common with Europe than with Cairo. As in Europe, we have those taking advantage of taxpayers striking against them when their gravy train is threatened.

Speaking of which, taxpayers are paying the teachers to strike. Most of the teachers are using their taxpayer-paid sick days to protest. Hey Wisconsin, how does it feel like to taken for suckers?

What is happening in Wisconsin proves Gov. Walker’s point – restrictions must be placed on public sector unions. And no one should be forced to join a union to keep their job.

Guess who is backing the unions and the strikers against Wisconsin taxpayers? Obama and his permanent campaign.

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