Monday, February 28, 2011


I am sad to see that the Borders’ bankruptcy is forcing the company to close about a third of their stores. A large number of those closings are in my home state of Texas.

The closing of their Lewisville, Texas store is particularly sad. They not only graciously hosted one of my book signings, but also hosted the Lewisville Chess Club, where I often tried to play the game, for over 14 years. They served up a great mocha, too.

The Lewisville Borders store was part of a big chain, yes. But they did not act like it.

I know progress is reducing the economic demand for big box bookstores, and such closings are inevitable. But still . . .

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Beneath the Firmament said...

You can always still support another native Texas bookstore..... Half Price Books.

I love that store!