Monday, February 14, 2011

Crooks Rule. Rowan Williams Cheerleads.

Sometimes there is so much outrage of various sorts in one story, one hardly knows where to start.

Outrage 1: The European Court of Human Rights has presumed to tell the UK that prisoners must be allowed to vote. (Of course, if one goes further back, it is an outrage that the UK gave away so much sovereignty to European courts, but I can only do so much outrage at one time.)

Outrage 2: It appears that UK prisoners will indeed get the right to vote. The Government apparently doesn’t have enough of a backbone to tell the European Court of Human Right to . . . . Well, I will let my tactful readers complete that sentence in an appropriate manner.

Outrage 3: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is cheering this on, saying prisoners should indeed retain the right to vote.

Well, he lets heretics continue on indefinitely in the councils of the church. So at least he is consistent.

This all goes to show it is unwise to let international courts make your domestic laws . . . or to let modern politicians appoint your bishops.

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Beneath the Firmament said...

O jeez. What would we do with out our very own Judas at the helm of the Anglican communion?

I am beside myself.