Thursday, February 10, 2011

Philip Turner Gets Real About the Anglican Communion

Dr. Philip Turner has posted a succinct and, I think, accurate look at the future of the Anglican Communion. He does not like what he sees. Neither do I.

I won’t rehash Turner’s piece. But whether you measure by truth, by unity, or by church discipline, the Anglican Communion is failing. About the only aspect of the Anglican Communion that is stronger than in 2003 is the control of ++Canterbury and his men . . . which is a (the?) major reason the Communion is failing by just about every other measure.

Really, it’s hardly even a Communion anymore. In Turner’s words:

What was a communion is no longer a communion. It is now something else on top of which sits an Archbishop of Canterbury who claims novel authority yet does not enjoy the confidence of those provinces in which the majority of Anglicans reside.

Long time readers of this blog know I once yearned to be a part of the Anglican Communion (without being in The Episcopal “Church”). But not anymore.

I can understand those who are already in staying in. The orthodox are not of one mind on whether to leave the Anglican Communion or not. So leaving now would likely damage unity even among the orthodox. Besides, as Matt+ Kennedy has noted, now one can “defect in place” to heart’s content without sanction.

But I would advise those jurisdictions not in the AC to stay away. And I intend to oppose vigorously any further efforts by ACNA (of which I am a member) to join the Anglican Communion.

I instead think there is the need for a new orthodox Anglican Communion along the lines of GAFCON. And I think that is coming in the near future as well.

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