Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pray for Christchurch

As most of you know, Christchurch, New Zealand has been hit hard by an earthquake. The death toll is 65 and rising. Damage includes the collapse of its landmark cathedral tower.

On a brighter note, New Zealand’s largest glacier, the Tasman, has calved a massive amount of icebergs due to the earthquake. The Tasman Glacier is about 120 miles from Christchurch.

Back in 1993, I took a quick small plane tour that landed on Tasman Glacier and let us walk around. It was otherworldly up there.

Yes, they are relaxed about such things in New Zealand. Earlier a bed-and-breakfast owner took me over an active cluster of volcanoes in his old Cessna. There are ski slopes on the same volcanoes. Can you imagine that in the U. S.?

Volcanoes and earthquakes are part of life in New Zealand. Kiwis are tough and will recover. But for now, the loss is great. Pray for Christchurch.

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