Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hillary: Obama Will Sue Arizona

If what Hillary Clinton told the Ecuador media is true, that Obama’s Justice Dept. will sue Arizona over its immigration law, then November will be a political bloodbath wonderful to behold.

Why do I assert that with such confidence? First, a majority of Americans and Arizonians support Arizona’s immigration law. Obama might as well sue them. And illegal immigration is the sort of issue that gets people angry and voting. Heck, up to 40% (including yours truly) are of a mind to boycott those who boycott Arizona. That’s a lot of anger out there. You can imagine what they would think of Obama suing Arizona. Second, a lawsuit would educate and/or remind people of the Obama Left’s contempt for democracy and the rule of law.

And, of course, things already look bad for the Democrats. If Obama flips off the American people with a lawsuit, it will turn out downright Biblical.

As much as I would detest a lawsuit against Arizona, the political fallout makes me furtively hope Obama brings it on. But, even after Hillary’s remarks, I doubt it happens before November. Surely someone in the White House has a clue how self-destructive that would be.


Just Me said...

I disagree; I don't think anyone at the White House has a clue. The arrogance continues to escalate; no one in their right mind (no pun intended) would continue to slap the American people in the face they way they have.

Tregonsee said...

In order to have a successful revolution, especially a peaceful one, you need to know two things. First and most important, where you are. Only second, where you want to go. The folks in Washington, and 815, have a very clear idea where they want to go. They are clueless as to where the country is, and are angered when someone tries to explain it to them. It is certain that the country will explain the reality to the first on 2 Nov, and looking at least possible that +Cantuar will do so to the latter relatively soon.

Dr.D said...

The fact that this law suit was announced by way of a news broadcast from South America is a major insult in itself. It says to the people of Arizona, and all Americans, that they are more anxious to tell the world that they are going to take the people of American down a notch, than they are to even bother to tell the Americans involved that they are about to be in a fight. This was done for world consumption, and now they must carry through with it. It has the makings of a revolution in it.