Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For years and years, Blacks have been told that if they don’t stay on the Democrat liberal/left plantation, then they aren’t really Black. Now that Republican women are pulling off a string of political victories, they are being told by Democrat harpy Rep. Janis Sontany that if they don’t vote left then they are hardly women at all. In her bigoted words:

You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women. You sure can’t find out by how they vote.

Can you imagine the howls from the “mainstream” news media if a Republican said something that bigoted? But I searched for “Sontany” over at CNN and got nothing (except in non-CNN “web results”). And if any Democrats have denounced her statement, I haven’t found them. And I have looked.

So, hey, if you are a woman, Democrats think they are entitled to you and that you aren’t a real woman if you don’t . . . vote for them. Just letting you know.

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Dr.D said...

How much more offensive could they possibly get? Next thing you know they will ask to pull down their panties just to be sure. This is really disgusting.